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Thunderfoot….The Firey Kickboxer

Written By Georgio Sivulka

At the age of 49, Larry “Thunderfoot” Cureton has accomplished a lot. From Jersey City, he got in involved in martial arts when he was 14 years old. In the 35 years since he has earned a 7th degree black belt and has studied a number of styles. (Go Kai Ju ,Shotokan,  Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu)

Thunderfoot has fought in numerous kickboxing bouts and holds a record of 28-7 with 25 KO’s. He holds titles of WPKO World Hvy.Wt. PKF World Super Hvy Wt. FFKA North American Super Hvy. Wt, USKBA US Super Hvy. Wt.  WPKO US Super Hvy.Wt, and the PKF International Super Hvy. Wt.(2 titles were after last photo shoot).

He has also fought in several charity shows on behalf of the Jersey City Fire Department, Benefiting fire victims and widows of firefighters. Thunderfoot, when he’s not fighting in the ring, has been fighting fires for almost 22 years. But this 6’1’, 292 pound giant turns gentle when he takes off his gear. He enjoys touring the public schools of Jersey City lecturing kids on the evils of the streets, drugs and crime.

Thunderfoot also possesses talent in front of a camera and has modeled for sportswear and trade shows. He is interested in acting and his current aim is to land a movie deal. He has read a few scripts, but has not yet found one that fits his goal. With his past track record in persistence, it will probably be just a matter of time.

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