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We rush to put our turnouts on
When ever we are called upon
They call us often, without a doubt
They know we’ll put the fire out

We risk our lives every day
And we never complain about the pay
When we come to work, we do our job
But at contract talks, we’re always robbed

We work hard and will risk our life
To save you, you’re baby, and your wife
We fight fires and do other stuff
But people say that’s not enough

We do our best we always try
Which they don’t see until one of us dies
We’ll save your sister and your brother
A cat, or dog, or some ones mother

When duty calls, we have to go
To save life or property, we don’t know
We work hard and it’s no game
Fight one fire with us, you’ll feel the same

You’ll never experience our fear
Until fire takes some one that’s dear
Then you too, will see our worth
Firefighters are the Bravest People on Earth


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